Parking in Siófok, the largest town on the Balaton coast

03. 02. 2024. 03. 02. 2024.
Parking in Siófok, the largest town on the Balaton coast

Siófok, the largest city on the Balaton coast, is one of Hungary's most popular resorts. The city boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. Let us introduce you to some of the highlights:

  1. Rózsakert : The Rózsakert is located directly on the shore of Lake Balaton. Colorful flower beds, giant plane trees and rose bushes make it special. Among the sculptures here, we can find the works of Kálmán Szekrényessy (the first swimmer of the Balaton), Balatoni sellő and Frigyes Karinthy. The famous Balaton swim starts from here every year.
  2. Mineral Museum : Hungary's largest and most beautiful private mineral collection is located in the center of Siófok. Visitors can view around 3,000 minerals in the state-protected collection. The collection focuses on the minerals found in the historical mining sites of the Carpathian Basin, with particular attention to the rarities of the Transylvanian mining region.
  3. Water tower : The water tower located in the city area is a reminder of the past and offers a great view of the surrounding area.
  4. Parish Church of Our Lady of Sarlós : A beautiful church that is part of our built heritage.

Siófok is easily accessible from Budapest on the M7 highway, and also receives passenger and freight traffic as a railway junction. It is also connected to the northern coast by water. There is also an airport in the city. Siófok is an attractive destination for both tourists and locals. 🌞🏖️

Parking in Siófok

There are various parking options in the city of Siófok, and it is important to find out between paid and free zones. The following parking fees and zones apply in 2024:

  1. Special fee zone : Parking in this zone costs  HUF 600/hour  in the high season (from May 15 to September 15). Outside the high season, the hourly fee  is HUF 360 .
  2. I. fee zone : Parking here is  HUF 480/hour  in the high season, and  HUF 360/hour in the off-season .
  3. II. fee zone : Parking in this zone costs  HUF 360/hour in the high season and  HUF 200/hour in the off-season .

In the parking lots located in these zones, you can also pay with cash or a mobile phone. It is worth paying attention to one-way streets and approaches to parking lots. Some prominent parking places:

  • Fő utca : The section between Víztorony and Széchenyi utca is located in fee zone I.
  • Siófok railway station parking : The Kálmán Imre promenade is located in the I. fee zone.
  • Kele utca : The section between Víztorony and Budai Nagy Antal utca is located in fee zone I.

Free parking options include the Baross bridge parking lot and the gravel parking lot in front of the Market Hall.