Hungary - Which parking zone am I in?

20. 01. 2024. 20. 01. 2024.
Hungary - Which parking zone am I in?

If you are driving in Budapest or other Hungarian cities, it is important to know which parking zone you are stopping in, as this determines how much you have to pay and how long you can park. From December 1, 2022, parking zones in Budapest will operate in a unified system, which distinguishes four categories: A, B, C and D zones. We wrote more about this here . The zones have different hourly rates, payment periods and time limits, so it is worth paying attention to the signs that indicate which zone you are in.

How can I find my parking zone?

The determination of parking zones is the responsibility of the districts, so the layout of the zones is not the same everywhere. The surest way to find out which zone you have parked in is to look for the nearest parking machine, which has the zone letter and the fee scale. If there is no vending machine nearby, look for the sign indicating the parking zone, which is usually located at intersections or at the beginning of parking spaces. The sign also shows the letter of the zone, as well as the payment period and the maximum parking time.

What help can I get for parking zones?

If you are not sure in which zone you parked, or if you want to plan your parking in advance, you can use the map available on the website of the National Mobile Payments Company (NMZ), on which you can see the location of the parking zones and their fees. The map is informative, so we always check the zone markings on site. The map can be accessed at the following link: Parking zones - Nemzeti Mobilepayment Zrt.

In addition to the parking zones, you can also find other useful information about parking on the NMZ website, such as mobile payment methods, parking fines, or the occupancy of parking spaces. Website address:

I hope that this article helped you find your parking zone more easily and enjoy driving in Hungary. 😊