Hévíz: The City of Spas - attractions and parking information

09. 02. 2024. 09. 02. 2024.
Hévíz: The City of Spas - attractions and parking information

Hévíz, a small town famous for its medicinal waters, is full of fascinating sights.

Hévíz Lake : The world-famous Hévíz Lake and its surroundings are the main attractions of the city. Bathing in warm, healing water is a real experience.

Protected Forest : The Protected Forest located around the lake invites you to take a pleasant walk. Walking in the shade of the trees, we can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Roman ruins garden : Roman ruins can also be discovered in the city area. These remains preserve the memories of the past and invite you to an exciting historical journey.

Árpád-era church : The Árpád-era church from the 13th century is also worth a visit. This historic building is part of the city's cultural heritage.

Hévíz Producers' Market : If you like fresh, local products, visit the Hévíz Producers' Market. Here you can find delicious food, handicrafts and local specialties.

You can discover all the hidden treasures of Hévíz by walking around the city. Enjoy the healing waters, nature and historical attractions!

Parking in Hévíz

In the city of Hévíz, parking in public areas is an important topic for both locals and visitors. Here is some information about parking:

  • Parking zones : There are parking zones in different parts of the city. They are marked with colors: yellow and red.
  • Parking tickets and machines : You have to pay for parking. You can buy a parking ticket from the parking machines, which are located in various parts of the city, or you can buy it online.
  • Free parking : Free parking is available in some areas. It is important to find out about local rules and parking options.

Parking zones

Zone I (red) - HUF 400 / hour

  • Large parking lot (closed parking lot)
  • Petőfi Sándor Street
  • Ady Endre Street parking lot
  • Széchenyi István utca from Kölcsey Ferenc utca to Endre Ady utca

II. Zone (yellow) - 300 HUF / hour

  • Honvéd street
  • Park street
  • József Attila utca (on the section between Honvéd utca and Rózsa köz according to special regulations *)
  • Széchenyi István Street parking lot with 57 spaces at the water tower (closed parking lot)
  • Parking lot at 1 Zrínyi Miklós utca
  • The section of Kossuth Lajos utca between Széchenyi István utca and Honvéd utca

Source: https://parking.hevuzkft.hu/

As in all cities, it is worth following the parking rules in Hévíz in order to avoid fines and enjoy the city's attractions smoothly! 🚗🅿️